Monday, September 27, 2010

Senioritis exists. I have finally experienced it. I am graduating college this semester and find myself constantly day dreaming about what life may hold for me in the next few months, weeks, days. I sit in front of my books all of the time pretending to study, my eyes scanning from left to right, left to right and when I have the impulse to flip the page, I realize that I have not actually read anything at all.

ALSO, I have recently picked up crocheting which is terrible because I find myself making up excuses to crochet rather than do my work. I started making a blanket with the two rolls of white yarn and the ½ a roll of pine green yarn that I found at the local Salvation Army. It looked strange and granny-ish and I realized I needed more colors. SO, I went to the local yarn shop, they have beautiful yarns and they share their store with a spice shop, so it smells wonderful. Unfortunately, their yarns are much too expensive for a college student, so I left empty handed. I joined the free cycle group in my town and put an advertisement up looking for any colors of yarn. No responses. I went to work that night and one of my co-workers had brought her yarn with her that she just bought from Wal-mart.

DUH! Wal-mart, why didn’t I think of that? Now, I know that Wal-mart is the place of all evil, and is taking over the world... but I just couldn’t help myself! In fact, I went a bit crazy. As I walked down the aisles full of everything and anything you could ever need, I arrived at the craft section of the store and there they were: two entire rows filled with tons of different kinds and colors of yarn! YAY! I forgot to get a basket and so I left the craft section of the store and walked to the register with 13 rolls of yarn stuffed in my arms! Haha. Even though they were not expensive, all together it was more than I should have spent.

To justify spending all of that money, I decided I would crochet everyone’s presents for the winter holidays! I thought, and still think, that it’s a fantastic idea. My yarns…

Ooh, I’m so excited to crochet lots of fun, happy, yarn creations!
La La La....